Here at UKFitteds we are here to provide you with the best 59FIFTY Fitted Hats  , these 59FIFTY fitted hats are a model of a baseball cap made by the New Era Cap Company based in Buffalo , New York. These 59FIFTY fitted hats resemble a shape of the New Era Snapbacks which was a big trend back in the 1990-2000's being worn by a lot of rappers and influencers such as Jay-Z , Lil Wayne ,Kanye West ,Chris Brown and others. The only difference is that they come in different sizes (click here to know your size) with a mlb logo at the back which allows for extra space to get your fitted hat customised. 

8 Caps Rappers Made Famous.


These 59FIFTY Fitted Hats  normally consist of teams that are in the Major League Basketball and Minor Basketball League (MLB). Also consisting of NFL & NBA Teams and other pop culture designs that have collaborated with New Era. 


However as of recent , these Fitted Hats have introduced a new wave in fashion trends due to the different colour-ways they come in and have been used to be colour coordinated with a lot of outfits that can been on influencers, rappers and part of social media trends to the point where these rappers have decided to even do a collaboration with New Era to produce their own 59FIFTY Fitted Hats such as Meek Mill & Jay-Z. With the biggest trend being side-patches and different colour underbrims including blue , pink and grey being in the most popular ones.


These colour ways have been much rarer to come across and have been a huge wave in the United States in which now is being introduced in the UK scene due to the heavy similarities in the New York style and London style of dressing . Here at UKFitteds , we offer these most exclusive fitted hats coming from the best suppliers and hat designers in the US with colourways you have never seen before including the likes of Cotton Candies , Mochas , Roc Nation Paper Planes, Meek Mill Dreamchasers. 

We are also offering more New Era Customs aside from New Era Custom Fitted Hats, such as our Winter Collection New Era Beanies in which they have been finely embroidered with writing and side patches you would usually see in our  Fitted Hats. We also offer custom embroidery service where you are able to put your name or any words you would like to put into your Fitted Hats