As you know by now there are many styles of the 59FIFTY's with massive variation. The different sidepatches, undervisor colours, colourways and embroidery designs is what makes us truly love the 59FIFTY. Everyone will value each trait differently however there are often some key fitted hats every collector must have! 

Number one... A signature black fitted that you can wear daily is essential! As a 59FIFTY lover, you must have your signature everyday wearer. For some they may prefer either a pink or sky blue undervisor however the most wearable is definitely the grey undervisor.

Moving on, it is key to also have some fitted hats which match to your shoe collection. Colour coordination when it comes to an outfits is a big part of fitted culture, there are so many colourways which can offer this and in most outfits it definitely ties the whole ensemble together.

Finally, the heavily embroidered fitteds such as some of the exclusives we offer such as the Scarface or Detroit are hats can truly express your love for certain movies or cities. You can even do this through the vibrancy of your hat by choosing bright coloured fitted hats or just a unique fitted of your choice. 

Ultimately, this is the beauty of collecting fitted hats... being able to explore so many options is why UK Fitteds loves the 59FIFTY.