Attention to detail! UK Fitted Exclusive: Scarface, Detroit Tigers, Heartbreak…
Recently, we’ve decided to introduce our first UK Fitted exclusive hats. Featuring one of our rare Scarface fitted hats which features a Black New York Yankees fitted hat with a bright red undervisor. Many of the details consist of bullet hole embroidery reflecting upon the graphic imagery within the movie, the “World Is Yours” side patch to commemorate one of the signature slogans, the iconic “SCARFACE” logo above the batterman and the main character Tony Montana embroidered adjacent to it to finish off the exclusive. This hat has an overall black and red theme to symbolise blood and also matches a lot of black outfits.

Moving on to the iconic city of Detroit, to embrace the tigers within the city of London we’ve made the Tigers embroidered adjacent to the Detroit Tigers logo to shine light on the team. The hat also features “DETROIT” text above the batterman in the same font as the logo. This hat also has a very exclusive sky blue undervisor to further embrace the exclusivity that we aim to offer.

Finally, within one of our upcoming releases we’ve decided to take a spin on one of our most popular fitted hats which contains many of the heart 59FIFTY hats that we’ve released and turned a Grey New York Yankees with a sky blue undervisor into a hat which features a sky blue broken heart. UK Fitteds is one of the first hat stores to offer this and it will be releasing this Wednesday 22/09/2022 6PM BST.