Lemme introduce you to the iconic 59FIFTY fitted cap. Unlike the dad caps, strap backs, and snap backs, fitted hats are measured to sized and form to the head of each wearer over time. Further, the unique side patches, bright undervisors, and bold baseball team logos make truly make the hat standout in the sea of medicore caps.

Fitted caps also have a strong history in baseball and still look fantastic on modern players and the general public. Even other sports leagues like the NBA have adopted the 59FIFTY as a signature blank to imprint there brand.


Over the  years, multiple high end brands like Aime Leon Dore and Eric Emanuel have adopted the 59FIFTY  creating there own signature spin. Other streetwear collaborations like Jaetips have continued to collaborate with New Era to produce crazy custom embroideries, the world of fitteds is forever expanding! Here at UK Fitteds our goal is to provide the public with these rare hard to find exclusives and allow this customisation for all people to truly make there hat 1 of 1. 


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