Here at UKFitteds, many big names such as OFB Bandokay, Dezzie, Digga D and many others have decided to shop with us for truly the most exclusive New Era exclusive fitted hats. Frequently purchasing the rarest designs from crazy under brim fitteds (paisley, sky blue, floral) to vibrant coloured fitteds (pink, cotton candy, lavender) or simply country pop cultured exclusives like Japan's limited Doraemon collaboration. These fitteds are available to all our customers upon request and when dropped for our scheduled releases!

The custom embroideries that have been done for celebrity clientele allow them to further make there hat 1 of 1, with signature slogans like Dezzies UNO UNO or simple name embroideries such as "BANDO" done for Bandokay. These services aren't only limited to our celebrity clients but through our customs page you can also have your fitted personalised to make it truly special to yourself.

As more clientele begin to shop from UKFitteds, our services will not limit to the general public at all but allow for more people to discover us. This will allow us to help us with our mission of providing everyone with truly the most exclusive New Era 59FIFTY Fitted caps.

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