January Recap!

January Recap!

Coming into the new year, we began with an amazing and high in demand restock of the amazing Heart collection: consisting of three exclusive 59FIFTY Fitteds with a signature heart embroidery, perfect for accenting outfits. Red and black, light blue shoes or even as a highlight piece in an outfit to complement the outfit. There will definitely make a return soon...

The UKFitteds Mocha release held a full collection of all Brown fitteds with cream undervisors, there exclusive fitteds are highly sought after in the states simple due to the rarity of these 59FIFTYs. These go with an endless number of outfits, simple earth tones khaki are a perfect way to wear this fitted hat.

Our paisley drop shortly followed, a simple release containing both signature pink and light blue undervisors. Simply, rare 59FIFTY undervisors which aren't seen very common!

The final drop consisted of a mass variety: glow in the dark reverse cotton candy, rhine stone fitteds and a return of a few old classics like the icon 1.0!

AJ Tracey decided to pick up a huge pack of exclusive 59FIFTYs from us with a large variety of hats he had his customs done with us.


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